Side and rear windows are one of the best external style changes you can make to your van, visually turning it from a commercial vehicle into a recreational one. They also bring a bunch of other benefits, such as:

  • Increased visibility while driving, especially when parking or manoeuvring at low speeds

  • A much nicer living environment when in the van, especially on dull, rainy days

  • They act as a deterrent to criminals, who no longer think that there might be tools in your van

Not all campervan windows are created equal, however! The best are made from privacy glass, not clear glass that's later tinted, and they should block out 70% or more of the outgoing light to ensure that your van is reasonably private in the daylight.



Big V Recommends:


Van Pimps

​From Van Pimps' website:


VanPimps is a leading specialist company in the van styling and conversion market and believe that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting all your needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.




More info: https://www.vanpimps.co.uk


Camper Glass

From Camper Glass' website:

Based in the heart of rural Leicestershire in the East Midlands, we are a family run business with 60 years combined experience in the motor trade and 10 years experience supplying and installing camper windows. Our experience puts is in a strong position to advise you on your window conversion and turn your camper into a reality.


We are able to offer you the best quality windows for your camper conversion and can supply just one window or a full set.​

More info: https://camperglass.co.uk


Vehicle Glass Co

From VGC's website:


Launched in 2010, VGC entered the market to specialise in the wholesale of specialist glass applications in plant & agricultural machinery, van windows / minibus conversion, classic automotive and remanufacture.


Alongside the glass products, we stock an array of adhesives, trims, fitting tools and glazing rubbers.


More info: https://www.thevehicleglasscompany.co.uk/Home.html


Van Demon

From Van Demon's website: 

Van Demon is the online retailer for anyone looking to modify their van. We sell a huge range of van styling accessories and van conversion parts to customers throughout the UK.


With several years of experience in the market, we help thousands of customers find the right product for their van each year.

More info: https://www.vandemon.co.uk


There are a lot of window treatment options available, especially curtains. They're not all created equal, however!


Blinds should either be behind a splashback or plummet, or ideally in a purpose-made pod to fit the window aperture. Good quality thermal blackout blinds, properly enclosed, will dramatically improve the insulation of your campervan, giving you cosy nights and comfortable mornings.


The next best option is thermal blackout curtains. These have the advantage of being available for far more vans and are able to be adapted for use with almost any make or model. Good campervan curtains have poppers to secure the edges to the sides of the windows and have smooth running tracks, with the screw positions outside of the track itself.

Big V's Favourites!

Van Shades

From Van Shades' website:


Our Window Pod ® system is an easy to install pre-assembled blind and frame system which offers stylish privacy.


A tasteful alternative to curtains, Window Pods ® achieve a flawless modern finish to your windows whilst offering blackout and thermal qualities, suitable for use at conversion stage, or retro-fit.


Big V Note: Van Shades pods are only available for the VW T5 & T6 but we can supply Van Shades blinds in custom built plummets to fit many vans!


More info: 




From Van-X's website:

Our Van-X range of curtains is ideal to protect your privacy when you are in your vehicle with a luxury look and feel. These items can be used for every occasion such as camping holidays or for everyday use.


This is a premium curtain kit and is designed with double layered material for a 100% privacy and Black-out solution. The material of the curtains are specially designed for the automotive industry in case of any fire, our curtain materials will melt down and will allow passengers inside the vehicle to exit the vehicle through the window if necessary. Van-X curtains are designed to protect your privacy and safety!


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