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We're different from other converters. From how we build your quote to how we take care of your van and the quality of our work, we stand out from the crowd


Right from the start


We do things differently.


We do offer conversion packs to make it easier for you to choose a layout that works, but we don't make you choose from a few designs.


We don't dictate which roof, seats, stereo, or anything else that you have to have, and we don't discriminate against non-VW vans. 


What we do is listen to your thoughts and needs, then work with you to plan your campervan or vehicle modification.


When we quote, you get much more than an email with a list of parts and a price at the bottom.

Every quote clearly explains what we've recommended and why, shows you where everything is coming from, and lists the price for the item and its fitting.


We do this so you can see exactly what will go into your conversion or customisation, and look through other options on suppliers' websites in case there's another option you would prefer.

We can do your van in stages


Did you know you don't have to get everything done at once?


You can convert or upgrade your van in stages, we like to see it as your van build journey.


We'll help you work out your overall design depending how you want to use your van, and then prioritise what you need and when so you get things done in the most cost effective and safe way.

This way, as you start using the van more you realise what you do and don't need as time goes on, allowing you to adjust your build as you go. This is great if you're on a budget or not quite sure what you want. 

Our payment plan means you pay a small deposit then pay in stages as your build progresses. 

We work with self-builders


We know that some people want to hand over a key and come back to collect a completed project, while others quite fancy doing some of the work themselves.


We will help you work out what you have the skills, time and patience to do yourself, and recommend which aspects of the build should be done by a professional. Above all we want you to end up with a van that's safe and fit for purpose. Often we'll suggest letting us to the technical bits such as roof and window fitting, gas and electrical work. 



We're better because we're specialists


We’ve spent decades working in and running body shops with approvals from almost every vehicle on the market.


We repair, modify, and paint one-of-a-kind vintage cars, modern supercars, vans, and everyday run-arounds.


This experience has taught us how and why vehicles from different manufacturers require a different approach, which materials, adhesives, and processes to use, and how to protect vehicles from damage that may not show up for months or years.

We fit items like elevating / pop top roofs, bed seats, kitchens, etc better even than their manufacturers.

As one of the largest fitters of pop-top roofs in the UK we have experience of all major roof systems and have developed the best processes, materials and methods to create a safe fit and beautiful finish. 

Most converters come into the industry from other trades and very few have the same professional, high-level experience of vehicles as we do.


Simple fitters or parts manufacturers don't have our vehicle body shop facilities, staff, and experience. We have tools and materials that are far more advanced due to the structural work we do.


Our very best people only modify vehicles all day every day, whereas their top people are focused on developing and producing a great product, not in fitting that product to your van.


Often manufacturers will fit their products in a corner of their workshop as a sideline rather than their main busines. So it's important to check this out before committing to handing your van over for work to be done.


Check out our tips for choosing the right converter at the bottom of this page. 

Our work is built to last 


With nearly 100 years of combined experience in the automotive trade, we think in the long term.

Everything we do adheres to strict quality and safety standards, using the best manufacturers and partners.

We're transparent with our methods (read more about that below) and always honest about what you do and don't need to achieve what you want from our conversion or upgrade. 

There are some things in life that are never worth compromising on, such as cheap vehicle modifications.


Your pride and joy deserves to come to us.


Our Methods 


Our work is built to last.

We only fit high quality, crash tested beds and roofs.


We use the same agents and materials that each vehicle manufacturer mandates, and think about how each item or system we fit will interact with the vehicle over time.


Almost all elevating pop top roofs, windows, and similar are put in with the almost exclusive use of grinders to cut the required apertures. This hot cutting produces a constant spray of superheated metal sparks. 


If even one spark lands on a vehicle’s paint it will melt into the paintwork and sit in the tiny pit it has created. The very first time it gets even a little wet it will rust and, if it has melted down to the vehicle’s metalwork, will start corroding the panel on which it sits.


Once corrosion enters metal it has to be totally removed, either by cutting or acid treatments, and the vehicle repainted to stop it from spreading.

We use cold cutting whenever possible. This requires more diverse and expensive tools and takes much longer, but reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle. In the rare instance that we have no choice except to hot cut, we use 1000 degree weld blankets in addition to spark blankets and other covers in our multi-layer masking processes.

We always mask off and protect vehicles far more extensively than most other converters.


We use specialist automotive tapes with low adhesion to vehicle paint and surfaces to limit the risk that old, damaged, or poorly finished paintwork will lift off when removed.


These, along with specialist coverings, are used to protect steps into the vehicle, paint edges, trim panels, units, and more.

Vehicle Diagnostic tests

Vehicle Diagnostics


Modern vans have extensive safety and fault reporting systems, and depending on the manufacturer, model, and age of your van, this can include sensors in systems such as seat belts, the front seats, internal lights, elements of the dash and other areas which will be removed and refitted as a part of completing other tasks.


Any time a monitored item or system is disconnected there is a chance that the van’s computer will interpret this as a fault. Some of these will just be logged, others may cause the van to take action such as turning off systems or even immobilising the vehicle. The list of possible fault categories is:


Before we begin work on your van we run a full diagnostic check and print out the results, and then will repeat the same process at the very end of the job.


This ensures that we’re aware of any existing alerts or faults and that we haven’t introduced any by disassembling and reassembling parts of your vehicle. You'll get copies of these reports to take away with you.

This is an essential process that is mandatory for manufacturer-approved repair shops, and which we believe is critical for anyone who is modifying modern vans.


Because build quality and safety is our priority, we may not always be the cheapest converter around. And we're OK with that. 

It's important to us to do a great job and get your build right because anything you do to your van is an investment and often it's a passion project too.


That's why we spend time working with  you to design a van build journey that allows you to do a bit at a time and choose from a range of options and materials that get you what you want on your budget.


We also help self-builders with the difficult bits so they can focus on the elements of the build that aren't likely to become a safety risk or cost money down the line.


We want safe self-builders so come and talk to us if you're worried. We also suggest you get a Habitation Check on any work you carry out so you know you're safe.


But if you do decide to go somewhere else, then make sure you follow these tips. We can't tell you how many customers come to us to fix poor quality and unsafe work.

  • Always visit the workshop if you can. Then you know where your van will be kept and how the team work with you. We have customers travelling from all over the country to see us before they buy.

  • Ask them how they protect the vehicle during painting and if they use anti corrosion treatment which stops rust.

  • Check the beds and roofs they fit are from a reputable brand and crash tested.

  • Check that they are using branded electrical and solar equipment.

  • Ask if they do a computer check before and after working on your vehicle. This is important to avoid any faults.

  • Ask if they have a Habitation Check service to ensure your van is safe. We can always organise this for you if not.

Message us to have a chat about your needs, or arrange to pop in. We'll show you around the workshop and you can meet the team. 

We're here weekdays until 5pm, and Saturdays by appointment.


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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
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