We don't do cookie-cutter. We won't make you pick between a handful of pre-determined designs. We won't turn you away if you don't have a Volkswagen. We don't mind what make, model, or the age of van you have, we like them all. 


Your van is yours and you deserve to have the conversion that you want. Whatever your dreams, we can make them come true, whether you want a...


  • Day van for everyday use, short trips and occasional overnight stays

  • Race or event van for track weekends or other trips

  • Camper van for weeks away


  • Mobile van home to live in full time


  • Commercial business or similar

  • ..or anything else you can think of!

Check out the other pages under "KAMPER STUFF" above for details on all of the major components of a conversion.

Some example projects


Volkswagen T6 Shuttles with the original 2nd-row seating are popular daily drivers, to which we often add:

  • Skyline or Streamline Roof

  • High output LED lighting, including colour changing light wash

  • Slatted bed design

  • Embossed VW logo on the sliding hatch

  • Full ply and carpet lining

  • Custom hanging bag system for clothes storage

  • Leisure electrics with preparation for a rear kitchen

  • ...and lots of little touches!



The Ford MS-RT is a great base van but the load area leaves a lot to be desired. We regularly convert the back to look and feel as nice as the cab, and we add a Skyline Roof so you can keep your motorbikes, bicycles, or other gear below and sleep above.


Popular options include:


  • Skyline Roof and a thermal wrap for all-weather use.

  • Ply & carpet or vinyl lining

  • Custom LED lighting

  • Leisure battery(s)

  • Inverters, solar, and more!




For weeks away, trips around Great Britain and into Europe, there's nothing like the luxury of a full camper van. There are countless designs which often include:


  • Pop top roof with bed

  • Lift-out pod, rear pull out, or full side kitchen

  • Comfortable bed seat

  • Leisure electrics

  • LED lighting

  • USB and 12v sockets

  • Mains hook-up

  • Solar charging

  • Roof racks, tow bar

  • ...and much more!