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Whether your interior needs some love or you just fancy a change, there's nothing that dresses up your car or van like new upholstery.

We can achieve almost any look, whether you have a vintage car, modern supercar, camper van, bed seat, or anything else!

There's a world of fabric, stitching, piping, and other options, including:

  • Fabrics, including vintage, manufacturer's own, and more

  • Faux leather/vinyl, which is super durable and looks great

  • Suedes and Alcantara, for a real tactile finish

  • Leather, when nothing but the softest and best will do

  • Diamond stitching - single or double stitched

  • Bentley squares or rectangles - single or double stitched

  • ...or pretty much any other stitching design

Cab & Trims

Cab & Trims

We can refresh your car or van's cab by:

  • retrimming your existing cab seats

  • swapping your double seat to a single

  • covering your trims in suede or materials

  • make trim panels for your vintage van

Bed Seats

Bed Seats

Whether you want your existing bed seat refreshed or need one for the first time, we can upholster it:

  • to match your cab seats

  • in your own design

  • in one of our popular designs

  • or any other style!

Other Trim

Other Trim

We trim all sorts of other things, too!

  • van ceilings

  • van lining panels

  • pop top beds

  • car and van pillar trims

  • and almost anything else!

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