These terms and conditions apply to all purchases from Big V Kampers. 

For more information, please contact us: / 01794 847474.


Payments and Dates

All payments can be made in one of the following ways. Deposits must be paid and the funds cleared before goods are ordered and booking dates are confirmed, so please advise us of your preferred payment method at the point of order to avoid delays.

Cash or Bank Transfer

We always welcome payment by cash or direct bank transfer as we avoid credit and debit card processing fees, meaning that more of the money you pay reaches us rather than being paid to a third party.

Remote Online Payment - Debit or Credit Card

We can send you an online invoice via our iZettle account. We process your order and an automated email is sent to you, in which there will be a “View Invoice” link. Clicking that link takes you to an online payment portal, avoiding the need for us to ever take card details over the phone.

Payment in Person- Debit, Credit Card, or Cash

We also have an iZettle credit and debit card machine at the workshop and can take your payment in person.

Title to Goods

All goods remain the property of Big V Kampers until all goods and services have been paid for in full. This includes those fitted to your van. Final payment must be made when collecting your vehicle. As soon as the final payment has been received, title to all goods passes to you.

Drop-off and Collection Dates

As a part of the design process, we often discuss estimated dates. We will be having the same conversation with many customers simultaneously, as will our suppliers, so actual dates can only be booked once your order has been accepted, your deposit paid, and we have estimated delivery dates back from our suppliers. This will sometimes mean that we will be forced to book your vehicle in later than we have discussed.


Scope of Work

This quotation is for the work detailed on your quote only. Further work may be added to a project at any time but will be subject to a separate quotation, either verbal or in writing, as required at the time.


We include a lot of information with our quotes to help with your decision making, not all of which may relate to items that you require. The items you are purchasing are those listed in quotation only. If in doubt, please ask us to ensure that everything you want is included in your purchase.


We strive to make all of our quotes as informative and accurate as possible, but from time to time errors or omissions may occur. As soon as we identify such an issue we will make you aware and advise on the impact on the approaches, items, and costs quoted if any.


During the course of the work detailed herein, we may identify additional faults, issues, or similar with your vehicle. Rectification of those items would be at an additional cost. Where an identified issue would make your vehicle unsafe in some way, we will advise you as soon as possible, including suggested actions to make the vehicle safe again.


Collateral Damage

We take care to be very careful when modifying vehicles but, due to the nature of the work to be carried out, it is possible that some collateral damage may occur during the project and that the rectification thereof is also not covered by this scope of works. For example, some vehicle clips and fixings are designed to be single-use and others may just break when being removed. Similarly, sometimes removing or disconnecting parts or systems cause them to fail.


One of the most common types of collateral damage is damaged, poor quality or ageing paint peeling off. Many tasks will require areas of your vehicle to be masked using tape and, although we use specialist automotive masking tape, this still can pull off paint that is in poor condition. 


We will advise you when any collateral damage has occurred and suggest options to rectify it, at an additional cost.


Van Movements and Storage

We will need to drive your vehicle while it is in our care. This is usually limited to moving it in and out of our workshop, but can also extend to road tests or, in rare cases, transfer to one of our suppliers where some of the work may be carried out.


Our parking is very limited and vehicles take up a lot of space, so once we’ve completed the work you’ve requested we would appreciate it if you could collect your vehicle as soon as is reasonably possible. If you cannot do so within seven days from the completion of your work we may need to store your van at a secure offsite storage facility, for which there will be an additional daily charge.


Paint / materials / delivery charges explained

Delivery is the standard charge we pay to have goods delivered to us from our suppliers. We don’t hide these costs in the cost of the items themselves, but rather detail them so that the quote is as clear as possible.


Paint and materials include 

  • Tape to mask areas for cutting 

  • Plastic sheeting to cover the inside and outside (one use only then the heatproof blankets cover the plastic)

  • Sanding belts to sand the curves and file the cut edges 

  • Metal to metal panel bond to re-strengthen the window cutouts after cutting the panel out

  • Cavity wax to apply after the anti-corrosion paint is applied (prevents internal corrosion)


Many similar products that are necessary to ensure that the work carried out on your vehicle is of high quality.


Substitutions and Availability

While every effort is made to ensure that the items quoted and supplied match exactly, occasional substitutions are made by our suppliers where products are updated or superseded. We’ll also occasionally substitute equivalent items where those quoted are out of stock. Where the substitution is material in some way, such as for significant items or those on show, we’ll discuss this with you.


From time to time, items will be out of stock with our suppliers or their delivery to us may be held up. This may cause a delay in your build and may necessitate the selection of an alternative product. This is especially common during “the season,” which runs roughly from May to September.

Every vehicle and their modifications are different so, by the nature of our work, we sometimes run behind due to unforeseen circumstances. We work hard to minimise any resulting delays but it is not always possible to completely eliminate them. Therefore, all dates we agree are estimates only and time is not of the essence for all orders taken. 


Very occasionally, our suppliers will change their prices without notice. In the event this happens we’ll always notify you as soon as we’re aware and offer the option to continue with the purchase of the item at the new price or to consider alternative products.


Alterations to terms and conditions

These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice.