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These terms and conditions apply to all purchases from us. These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice. For some projects, slight variations or additional terms may apply. These will be included in your quote.


Payment Methods


Payments can be made in the following ways.

Bank Transfer

Our preferred method of payment. 

Debit or Credit Card

For card payments made in person we have a card machine on site or we use a secure online link.


We welcome cash payments in person.

Deposits must be paid and the funds cleared before goods are ordered and booking dates are confirmed, so please advise us of your preferred payment method at the point of order to avoid delays.

Payment Terms


Deposits & Refunds

The deposit terms vary depending on the size and timeframe of your build. This will be a % up front with the rest payable at key stages of your build. This will be agreed with you when you accept the quote.


If you cancel the contract with us before the build starts or at any other stage of the build any monies paid will be subject to deductions for time and costs incurred plus materials or third party services already purchased for your project.


Please note that a significant amount of time and costs can be incurred before your van arrives on site. We also reserve the right to recover lost earnings as a result of being unable to fill your booking slot with another customer project.


Any refunds will be processed and returned using the original payment method within 7-10 working days. If you cancel the project during the build and are unable to meet the agreed payment stage, your van may remain unfinished and it is your responsibility to make arrangements to collect your van. we will not be responsible for any costs incurred transporting your van from our workshop should it not be fully roadworthy.


We are fair and transparent with our charges and do not charge an additional cancellation fee over and above the deductions mentioned above.


Title to Goods

All goods remain the property of the business until all goods and services have been paid for in full. This includes those fitted to your van. Final payment must be made when collecting your vehicle. As soon as the final payment has been received, title to all goods passes to you.

Drop-off and Collection Dates

As a part of the design process, we often discuss estimated dates. We will be having the same conversation with many customers simultaneously, as will our suppliers, so actual dates can only be booked once your order has been accepted, your deposit paid, and we have estimated delivery dates back from our suppliers. This will sometimes mean that we will need to book your vehicle in later than we have discussed.


Payment Methods


When you accept a quote, you are agreeing to the work that has been selected.


During the course of the build if we find there is a need for additional works to ensure your build meets quality and safety standards we will get in touch to make recommendations. On agreement a new quote will be raised for you to accept.


We strive to make all of our quotes as informative and accurate as possible but should there be an error we will make you aware of this as soon as possible. This may result in a change to build approach, recommendations, costs and time.


Our expert team are very careful modifying vehicles but due to the nature of the work to be carried out, it is possible that some collateral damage may occur during the project. For example, some vehicle clips and fixings are designed to be single-use and others may just break when being removed. Similarly, sometimes removing or disconnecting parts or systems cause them to fail.


One of the most common types of collateral damage is damaged, poor quality or ageing paint peeling off. Many tasks will require areas of your vehicle to be masked using tape and, although we use specialist automotive masking tape, this still can pull off paint that is in poor condition.

You should also be aware that signal strength for ariels fitted in a pop top roof wind deflectors may vary depending where you use the van. There may be the option to re-position the ariel for stronger signal and this would be at an additional cost to you. We also provide you with care instructions for your pop top roof to ensure you maintain it's condition as we cannot be held responsible for general wear and tear outside of the guarantee period. 

When we assess your vehicle prior to the build we will endeavor to make you aware of the risks. However should any such damage occur during the build we will contact you with any options to rectify this at an additional cost to you.

Vehicles are subject to a thorough check in process on drop off which includes taking photos. Prior to leaving our premises your vehicle will be quality checked which will be signed off by you.

Van Movements and Storage


We will need to drive your vehicle while it is in our care. This is usually limited to moving it in and out of our workshop, but can also extend to road tests or, in rare cases, transfer to one of our suppliers where some of the work may be carried out.


Our parking is very limited and vehicles take up a lot of space, so once we’ve completed your build we'll ask you to collect your vehicle as soon as is reasonably possible. If you cannot do so within seven days from the completion of your work we may need to store your van at a secure offsite storage facility, for which there will be an additional daily charge. We would discuss this with you when agreeing your collection date.


Build Costs 


In addition to the products you select for your build we also incur costs for essential products and materials needed to complete your build to the required level of quality and safety. We factor these costs into your quote and where possible itemise them. Examples include:


Paint and materials include 

  • Tape to mask areas for cutting 

  • Plastic sheeting to cover the inside and outside (one use only then the heatproof blankets cover the plastic)

  • Sanding belts to sand the curves and file the cut edges 

  • Metal to metal panel bond to re-strengthen the window cut-outs after cutting the panel out

  • Cavity wax to apply after the anti-corrosion paint is applied (prevents internal corrosion)

  • Supplier delivery charges


Many similar products that are necessary to ensure that the work carried out on your vehicle is of high quality.


Substitutions and Availability


While every effort is made to ensure that the items quoted and supplied match exactly, occasional substitutions are made by our suppliers where products are updated or superseded. We’ll also occasionally substitute equivalent items where those quoted are out of stock. Where the substitution is material in some way, such as for significant items or those on show, we’ll discuss this with you.


From time to time, items will be out of stock with our suppliers or their delivery to us may be held up. This may cause a delay in your build and we may need to select an alternative product. This is especially common during “the season,” which runs roughly from May to September.

All dates agreed are estimates only. Every vehicle and their modifications are different so, by the nature of our work, we sometimes run behind due to unforeseen circumstances. We work hard to minimise any resulting delays but it is not always possible to completely eliminate them.

Very occasionally, our suppliers will change their prices without notice. In the event this happens we’ll always notify you as soon as we’re aware and offer the option to continue with the purchase of the item at the new price or to consider alternative products.


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