The most anticipated new pop top roof, now available from Big V, the UK's premier pop top roof fitter. 

So low it barely looks like a pop top at all when it's down, the Skylow is the best looking elevating roof on the market in our opinion.

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We have been modifying, repairing, and maintaining vehicles for over 25 years.


If you roll your Lamborghini or your VW Golf Mark 1 needs attention, we're the people who can make it right again. Why would your van deserve anything less when having the entire top cut off and replaced by a complex elevating roof system? 


We do many things completely differently from other campervan converters due to our background in accident repair and vehicle customisations. Our work is safer and more durable.


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Any time a monitored item or system is disconnected there is a chance that the van’s computer will interpret this as a fault. To prevent issues occurring a van should be connected to a VCDS (VAG-COM Diagnostic System) interface and any faults cleared.

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Skylo Ultra-Low Profile Pop Top Roof from Skyline Roofs

The roof everyone has been waiting for is finally here!

  • Ultra-low at just 25mm above the standard van roof

  • No loss of head height inside

  • Simple and secure cam locks (rather than straps or screws) which lock in seconds

  • Available with a bi-fold bed and front cover hatch

  • Suitable for a solar panel

  • Currently available for VW T5/6 SWB only

…Skyline Roofs is the UK’s most popular elevating roof manufacturer. They offer a range of roofs for VW, Ford, Mercedes, and Man vans. These come in three different formats, each available for specific vans.

Big V is the premier fitter of Skyline roofs. We’re different from other converters, coming from an approved bodyshop background and with a focus on structural modifications to all makes, models, and ages of vans. We fit the full Skyline range, along with almost all other roof systems.

Choosing your Skyline Roof
Skyline Roof Comparison.png