The Story Behind Big V Kampers & Kustoms - A Family Run Camper Van Conversion Team

Big V was created by good friends Karl "Big V" Venghaus and Mike Post at the bottom of Mike’s garden.

Karl has always loved motor vehicles of any kind. As a kid, he loved nothing more than spending days scavenging for parts in scrapyards and breaking things to see how they worked. He’d take engines apart just to put them back together again.

All he wanted to do was work in a garage, so at 15 he pestered his local garage daily until they gave in and gave him a job as an apprentice.

By 2012 he’d spent over 20 years in the accident repair trade, becoming one of the most skilled and experienced engineers around. He could build and repair anything from a BMX bike to a Italian supercar. He even rebuilt a one of the first production Morgan Aero Supersport (and if you don't know what one of those is, it's a very rare classic car!)

Karl was also facing one of those mid-life dilemmas. He was really into customised Japanese cars, having spent time working with the Honda race team, and had built a totally custom Honda Prelude. With young children, this scene and his highly impractical car was rapidly becoming unpopular with the family, though, so they had to go.

As he waved goodbye to his labour of love he decided this was a great time to get a new family-friendly project vehicle.

Maybe it was fate, maybe it was too much beer, but somehow he found an air-cooled Volkswagen T25 campervan that was badly in need of serious love. It turned out to be a rare Westfalia model.

Fast-forward three years, a lot of Googling, hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, tears and more beer, Karl had finished his first-ever campervan restoration (as much as any restoration is ever truly finished!).

The end result was stunning, and it cemented his growing love of VW T25's.