Campervan leisure electrics commonly include a 12 volt system which runs the LED lights, compressor fridge, pump for the water tap, 12 volt and USB sockets, and other 12 volt systems. These all connect to a leisure battery, which is almost identical to a standard vehicle battery except that it is designed for the slow drawing of power rather than the sudden, heavy draw that is needed to start an engine.


Additionally, it is common to have a 240 volt mains hook-up for connecting to power supplies at camp sites, with one or more standard mains sockets. This system is totally separate from the 12 volt leisure system unless additional parts are installed.


The diagram below gives a visual overview of the 12 volt and 240 volt systems, as well as some optional extras that connect to one or both.


We supply and install various 240-volt mains hook-up kits, please contact us for a quote specific to your van and chosen options. 


Example kit (as shown in the main photo, actual kit may vary):


  • Consumer unit with a 25A, 30mA RCD & 2x single pole MCBs (10A and 6A)

  • 2 x single gang switches sockets (surface mounted)

  • Main picture shows surface mounted inlet plug

  • 2m of orange 3-core 2.5mm2 flexible cable (inlet to consumer unit)

  • 5m of white 3-core 2.5mm2 240V flexible cable (consumer unit to sockets)

  • 2m of green/yellow 6mm2 earth cable + ring terminal (consumer unit earth bonding)

  • Cable clips


Optional extras which can further enhance your system:


  • Additional plug sockets 

  • USB ports

  • 12-volt outlets

Mains Power Hook Up

Keep your leisure battery fully charged while on an electrical hook-up! Most modern campervan systems run exclusively from the 12v leisure battery, which isn't recharged while your van is static (unless you have one of our solar charging systems)


A good quality, very common example:


12 volt 10 amp battery charger suitable for all sealed for life, gel and maintenance free batteries 



Features: microchip controlled three stage charging, allowing the charger to be left permanently connected without harming the battery. 

Mains Battery Charger

Big V Kampers supply and install various types of power management systems to ensure you get the most out of your camper van. The system chosen should match your van and be suitable for your planned use. 


An example middle-of-the-road system (as seen in the photos, although actual system may vary):


  • M Power Split Charge Kit

  • 12 way fuse box kit

  • 12V 140amp Intelligent Voltage Sense Relay

  • 110amp Ready Made Leads (5mtr)


Please note: you will require one of our Advanced Split Charge Systems for a VW T6 or any other vehicle with a Smart ECU Controlled Alternator. This includes most vans from 2014 onwards, and some earlier models.

12v Leisure Electrics for Standard Alternators

Leisure Battery - 95 Amp to 115 amp, or we can source anything specialised. Multiple batteries can be connected together to create a larger power bank, for longer off-grid use, and we can supply and fit mains hook ups, split charging systems, and solar charging.


It’s always difficult finding batteries that will fit in low spaces, such as underneath the driver's seat of a T5. We've done the legwork and can now supply the few batteries which do fit.


We supply and fit a range of:

  • Battery brackets  

  • Battery terminals   

  • Fuse boxes

  • Cut off switches   

  • Volt meters

  • Interior LED lights upgrade

  • Exterior LED light upgrade

  • Additional LED lighting

  • Vehicle tracking

  • Audio upgrades


We can also upgrade your vintage Volkswagen battery and charging to any specification, to ensure your system satisfies the modern power consumption needs.​

Low Profile Leisure Battery

Sterling's range of Battery to Battery Chargers (B2Bs) has grown significantly over the past few years. 

This is in an effort to supplement the ever growing demand from the commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle and marine industries. 


Suitable for all modern vehicles including Mercedes Blue Efficiency Sprinters, VW T5 and T6 Blue motion and Fords Econetic Transits


The B2Bs have become extremely popular as they fast charge batteries as you cruise along without the need for complex wiring, touching your alternator, voiding the alternator's warranty and tampering with the electronic control units (ECUs). 


You can provide the onboard batteries with a fast 4 stage charging profle with a very simple and speedy installation. All of the benefits of advanced charging without any of the drawbacks. 


Simply connect the B2B between the battery being charged and the battery you wish to charge.

12v Leisure Electrics for Smart Alternators

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to plug in normal mains powered devices in your van!


We can supply and fit a wide range of power inverters, which should be matched to your planned use.


A good middle-of-the-road example: 

  • 500W 12V DC to 230V AC 50HZ Modified Wave Voltage Inverter.

  • Protected against: overload on output

  • Low and high voltage on input, over temperature and short circuit

  • With on/off switch

  • Terminal size for battery connection 6mm stud

  • Input 10-15V DC

  • Output 230V AC at 50Hz

  • Power rating 500W

  • Peak output 1500W

  • No load current <0.95A

  • Outlets Standard UK 3-pin 230V socket

  • Dimensions 240 x 203 x 76mm

  • Net weight 3.16kg

240v Power Inverter

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