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There are a wide variety of LED lights available, which vary in design, quality, and price. We've chosen light fixtures that meet a simple set of criteria:


  1. Native 12v - can be wired directly into a 12v circuit (protected by fuses) with no extra power supplies or adaptors

  2. Designed for vehicles - built to last in a moving, vibrating, and hot/cold environment

  3. Locally sourced - our lights come from a UK supplier in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

LED Lights for campervans can be divided into three main categories:

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

From mini spots to full downlighters

Recessed lighting is usually circular and is always cut into a ceiling, cupboard, or other surfaces. It can be touch or wave sensitive or controlled by a switch on a wall or cupboard. Dimmable options are also available. Tiny pinhole lights can be combined to create shapes and constellations, or larger downlights can be used for area washes.

Surface Mounted Lighting

Surface Mounted

Easy to install and able to be mounted almost anywhere

Available in a variety of shapes, but more commonly straight strips or circular fixtures, surface mounted lighting is usually screwed to the ceiling or underside of cupboards. These are also a popular option for uplighting in a pop top roof.

Reading Lights

Reading Lights

Switched and touch dimmable options available

From traditional fixtures that don't look out of place in older vans to modern gooseneck touch dimmable lights, there are reading lights to suit any interior.

We can create any lighting effect you can imagine, from subtle area lighting to coloured accents to full constellations or other large displays. As a fabrication shop, we can also produce custom enclosures and features to be lit.

LED Light Strips
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