There is a huge array of van furniture designs, from removable pods, side and rear slide-out units, and traditional side kitchens to full living, sleeping, and toilet/shower layouts. We install units from dedicated van furniture suppliers and bespoke joinery firms so, whatever your dream layout we can help!


Some popular options:


  • Vintage-look units for older vans such as VW split-screen and bay windows

  • Lift-out pod kitchens which can be put in your awning while camping, so you don't have to cook in your van

  • Rear pull-out kitchens which don't have to be moved but still keep the cooking smells out of your living area


  • Full & slimline side kitchens for the maximum storage and convenience when keeping a van permanently ready to go

  • Large van furniture sets with living area, fixed bed, kitchen, toilet and shower facilities

  • Bespoke layouts & designs including commercial setups

Some of our favourite suppliers
We will fit any well-made furniture set and often commission bespoke designs, but there are a few manufacturers that we return to time and again.

Evo Design

More colours, options, and designs than anyone else make Evo the go-to choice for a lot of conversions.


Evo units are a complex build best tackled by a professional or very confident DIY-er.


Clearcut Conversions

A great choice for ready-made pods with or without appliances.


When making a pod removable, the critical consideration is mounting it safely for while travelling.



Vintage-look interiors for VW split screens, bay windows, and T25's.

From full kitchens to buddy seats, VanWurks has some of the best modern furniture for older VW vans.