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From pop tops, windows, and body kits to carpeting, kitchens, and reversing cameras, we can help you realise your campervan dreams! We'll also offer hands-on advice, trade-grade products, and support if you fancy doing some of the work yourself.

Check out the links under "KAMPERS' above to see how we can help you!


Campervan creations from Big V! We'll take your empty panel van and transform it into a comfortable, flexible, and safe home on wheels. We convert all makes and models of vans, so book a visit with us today!


Elevate your roof to give you more room and a second bedroom. Add windows to let in some light then blinds to block it back out. Two-tone your paint job, install solar, treat your van to a new body kit. Whatever you fancy, we can make it happen.


Had your van converted somewhere else or done it yourself? No problem! We customise, repair, and enhance pre-built campervans. We can even remove and replace your old pop top with a modern one, such as a Skyline Skylow!


Nothing says home-on-wheels like a plush, cozy, and configurable interior. Clever kitchens, lift-out pods, smart storage, comfortable bed seats, and controllable lighting come together to make your campervan so inviting you might never want to go home!


We are an experienced body shop with an extra large spray booth and fabrication services. Whether you're after some repairs, styling, or a respray, we can help! Our team have built, rebuilt, and painted almost everything.


Your van can keep you warm at night, power your devices, charge up with solar, tell you if someone has moved it, set a lighting scene to match your mood, and much more. We can install any leisure or vehicle systems into your new or existing conversion.

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