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Help & Advice

The Team are here to help with any and all of you vehicle modification needs. 


We believe that campervans, custom cars, and other customised vehicles matter. If you've decided to alter your ride you probably have an emotional connection to it, or to what you intend to use it for. You'll be trusting your life and happiness to it, whether that's through family camping trips, racing around a track, or living in it full time. You may carry loved ones in it or shoot past them at speed while they watch your laps.


Our mission is to make sure that the changes made are safe and reliable, based on robust parts and systems, and as affordable as possible so more people can have high-quality work done to their vehicles. That includes work you do yourself under our "Supported Self Build" programme, a description of which is here: Our Methods.


Please see the pages under this Help & Advice menu for an ever-growing set of resources, and check out our social feeds for some amazing ideas!

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