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Modern vans have extensive safety and fault reporting systems throughout the vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, model, and age of your van, this can include sensors in systems such as seat belts, the front seats, internal lights, elements of the dash and other areas which will be removed and refitted as a part of completing other tasks.


Any time a monitored item or system is disconnected there is a chance that the van’s computer will interpret this as a fault. Some of these will just be logged, others may cause the van to take action such as turning off systems or even immobilising the vehicle. The list of possible fault categories is:


  • Undefined by the manufacturer.

  • The fault has a strong influence on drivability, immediate stop is required.

  • The fault requires an immediate service appointment.

  • The fault doesn't require an immediate service appointment, but it should be corrected with the next service appointment.

  • The fault recommends an action to be taken, otherwise drivability might be affected.

  • The fault has no influence on drivability.

  • The fault has a long term influence on drivability.

  • The fault has an influence on the comfort functions, but doesn't influence the car’s drivability.

  • General Note


Obviously, some of these fault states are critical if they are raised. To prevent issues occurring during or after modification work, the van should be connected to a Diagnostic System interface and any faults cleared.


Before we begin work on your van we will run a full diagnostic check and print out the results, and then will repeat the same process at the very end of the job. This ensures that we’re aware of any existing alerts or faults with the van’s monitored systems and that we haven’t introduced any by disassembling and reassembling parts of your vehicle. We will provide you with copies of these reports to take away with you.


This is an essential process that is mandatory for manufacturer-approved repair shops, and which we believe is critical for anyone who is modifying modern vans.

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