We'll do our best to keep this page up to date with our latest news as the situation evolves.


We're welcoming visitors by appointment to give everyone lots of space.

We estimate our throughput will currently be 50-60% of normal

We’ve all amply aware of the current situation with COVID-19 (aka the novel coronavirus), which is changing all the time. 

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been planning for our reopening after lockdown. There are a few challenges we've had to overcome or take into account:

  • We'll have to work reduced and split shifts as any of our staff have school-age children, and the schools are still shut.

  • Some of our staff are themselves or have immediate family members who are still subject to shelter in place orders.

  • All of our suppliers have similar challenges, meaning that some of them are still closed or can only partially open, restricting the availability of parts and materials. Lead times that are usually 2-3 weeks are now 5-6 weeks or longer.

  • The availability of components and raw materials is likely to be inconsistent for some considerable time to come, which will make the availability of parts and systems erratic.

  • The availability of PPE for non-key workers is still very poor and in many cases, PPE is just not available. Some of the work we do cannot be done safely without the correct PPE, in particular gloves and specific types of masks.

Accepting those challenges are unavoidable, we are still keen to get back to work to whatever extent is possible.


We estimate, between all of the challenges above, our throughput will be around 50-60% of normal for some time to come. 

In order to come up with a schedule which accommodates this while still getting vans finished, we've organised ourselves as follows:

  1. All of our visits will be by appointment only for the time being. This will help us to keep everyone separate and allow time for cleaning.

  2. We're prioritising vehicles that are already with us. Finishing these projects creates space and time for new ones.

  3. We've reviewed each project and got lead times for all of the parts. We plan to only bring in a new vehicle when we have a very good chance of getting everything we need to complete it. This will minimise the time we need to have your van and will keep projects moving.

  4. We then listed all of the projects by when they were ordered, with a view to the parts availability.

  5. We've planned out our projects based on the tasks involved, for instance scheduling all of the pop top roof fittings so there isn't a bottleneck that holds a project up.

  6. We've given priority to our NHS and other key worker customers who have been working so hard during this crisis, in the hope that they'll have a chance to have a holiday in their van this year.

Our plan is to run the same sort of queuing system we use for major product launches with pre-ordering. Every couple of weeks we'll send out a general update explaining how we've been getting on and where we are in the queue against our estimated dates. As your particular date approaches, we'll also speak to you individually about your project.

As frustrating as the uncertainty and delays will be, hopefully, by monitoring and communicating as we go we can make this process as painless as possible!

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