We'll do our best to keep this page up to date with our latest news as the situation evolves.

Most recent update: 5th Jan 2021


We're welcoming visitors by appointment to give everyone lots of space.

We estimate our throughput will currently be 75% of normal

Under the latest lockdown rules, we're able to remain open for the foreseeable future. We have some staff working from home but the majority of the team can't (for obvious reasons!) so we're operating as normal.

As the situation with Covid continues, we've organised ourselves as follows:

  1. All of our visits will be by appointment only for the time being. This will help us to keep everyone separate and allow time for cleaning.

  2. We're prioritising vehicles that are already with us. Finishing these projects creates space and time for new ones.

  3. We've reviewed each project and got lead times for all of the parts. We plan to only bring in a new vehicle when we have a very good chance of getting everything we need to complete it. This will minimise the time we need to have your van and will keep projects moving.

  4. We then listed all of the projects by when they were ordered, with a view to the parts availability.

  5. We've planned out our projects based on the tasks involved, for instance scheduling all of the pop top roof fittings so there isn't a bottleneck that holds a project up.

  6. We've given priority to our NHS and other key worker customers who have been working so hard during this crisis, in the hope that they'll have a chance to have a holiday in their van this year.

We're still facing regular shortages of parts as manufacturing is disrupted in unexpected ways. For instance, light switches and sockets keep going out of stock as the manufacturer can't buy enough plastic due to so much being used to create masks. We expect this to continue for the foreseeable future, unfortunately, so we're having to adjust our schedule constantly.